1 ………..For this assignment, you will need to go back to review the deliverables you identified in your scope statement. Now think about all the task(s) required to complete each deliverable you listed in your scope statement. Be sure to watch the video on “WBS” before attempting to complete this assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

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  1. Review the PowerPoint instructions attached on how to create your WBS.
  2. It will explain how to complete a WBS, how to create task names, and the difference between duration and effort.
  3. Prepare your Work Breakdown Structure after viewing the PowerPoint
  4. Document each of your deliverables in a work breakdown structure.
  5. Submit your assignment to the assignment link above


Assignment Instructions:

  1. Open your MS Project file to a blank project.
  2. Also open your Work Breakdown Structure assignment that was completed and submitted.
  3. You will copy the tasks from your WBS into MS Project, indenting deliverables and tasks as shown in the accompanying PowerPoint presentation
  4. Assign duration and work estimates to each task
  5. Sequence the tasks by assigning predecessors for each task listed
  6. Develop a resource sheet and assign resource(s) to each task listed.
  7. The end result will be a complete project schedule.
  8. Be sure to use the PowerPoint as a resource.
  9. Submit your assignment to the assignment link above.

Please find below documents to complete this assignment

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