Week 1 Discussion

Due  tonight  ifpossible.

120-150 words

No plagarism

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What role does strategic planning play in the administration of a health care facility? Why is it important?



How important is it to measure goals and assess the success in meeting goals?


What roles of stakeholders should be involved in a strategic planning process? Why is their involvement important to the process?


How might the messages communicated about a strategic plan be different to the various stakeholders?  What information might be shared with the board of directors versus a department manager?


Strategic Planning Web Research

Research the following using your web browser.

  • Strategic planning in health care organizations videos
  • Strategic planning in health care organizations articles

Discuss your thoughts with the class.


“Practical Techniques for Strategic Planning in Health Care Organizations”

Read “Practical Techniques for Strategic Planning in Health Care Organizations” in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.

(Attached below)


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