The capstone project provides students the opportunity to synthesize, computer science homework help

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This is a team project. Each team member must participate in the project paper and the presentation. The respective roles of each team member must be clearly identified to the faculty. Each team member must identify the part or parts of the project worked on. Each team member will receive the same grade based on the overall performance of the team. The team must work with all its members to ensure timely and effective project completion. Non-participation by team members must be called to the attention of the faculty.

Each team will create a target company for which a secure enterprise network will be developed.

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The components of the project paper should include the following as a minimum:

Cover Page & Table of Contents:

  • Cover Page should include:
    • Project Title
    • Team Members
  • Table of contents should reference the following sections

Company Overview:
(Your instructor may provide a company overview as a guideline.)

  • Discussion of the company and the company’s business.
  • Discuss the scope of this effort as it applies to the company.

Logical Topology:

  • Define the logical topology of the company’s internetwork
  • Identify any strategic areas (DMZ, core area, access, and distribution layers).

Risk Assessment:

  • Make an inventory list of all assets and systems that require protection and security.
  • List all possible threats within reason. Refer to the provided security books and web resources. Consider threats from both inside and outside the company. Include physical security and social engineering attacks in addition to other hacking methods.
  • List all possible defensive countermeasures within reason.
  • Include the following in your analysis:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Intellectual property
    • Labor costs: users, administrators and technical staff
    • Operating systems, applications, databases, server services (DHCP, DNS, http, vsftp, etc.)
    • Documentation (both IT and line-of-business)
    • Internet, intranets, and extranets
    • DMZ and servers and services thereon
    • Consider hardware replacement, restoring the OS and data, etc.
  • Document the results of the analysis

Security Proposal:

  • Include the following in your design:
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • User Account Policy
    • Remote Access Policy
    • Information Protection Policy
    • Network Connection Policy
    • Strategic Partner Policy
    • Privileged/Special Access Policy
    • Password Policy
    • Internet Access Policy
    • Miscellaneous Policies
  • You may also incorporate all or part of the following Policy Standards
    • BS7799
    • ISO 27002
  • Define Enforcement Procedures
    • Employees
    • Customers
    • Vendors
  • Incident Handling and Escalation Procedures
    • Define Security Incidents
      • Computer Security Incidents
      • Physical Security Incidents
    • Define Incident Severity Levels and Response Times
      • High – immediate
      • Medium – short term
      • Low – long term
    • Define Incident Handling Procedure
      • Recognize incident and determine severity level
      • Log incident
      • Make appropriate response to incident to protect system
      • Inform appropriate personnel
    • Follow up analysis and documentation of incident
      • Suggest possible modifications to security policy, as needed
    • Document the results of the analysis

Summary & Conclusions

  • Summarize findings and provide conclusions based on the recommendations of the project. Justify your recommendations with thoughtful, professional comments.
  • Reflect on how the skills learned in this program have prepared you for your future career.


  • Project paper: A 10-to-15 page, APA formatted Word document, covering the topics outlined above
  • Presentation: A 5-to-7 slide, PowerPoint presentation, highlighting key points of the project
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