Power Point 8-9 Slides

This is a Power Point would be due today by 1pm Eastern Time Zone.

Human relations power point class presentation 8-9 slides under 5 mins.

1) What is the issue (must in the form of a “yes or no” question)? “Should cat-calling be considered sexual harassment?”

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2a) What is the author’s viewpoint: PRO or CON (circle one). Author would be myself, I am Pro: it should be considered sexual harassment.

2b) Provide TWO reasons with evidence that support the author’s viewpoint:

Reason 1 with evidence (citations if necessary):

Reason 2 with evidence (citations if necessary):

3a) What is the opposing viewpoint (to the author): PRO or CON (circle one). Why it shouldn’t be viewed as sexual harassment (Con).

3b) Provide TWO reasons with evidence that support the opposing viewpoint:

Reason 3 with evidence (citations if necessary):

Reason 4 with evidence (citations if necessary):

4a) Refutation of the opposing viewpoint (to the author) is PRO or CON (circle one)

4b) REFUTE (offer a solution or contradiction) to each reason of the opposing


Solution or Contradiction to Reason 3 (include evidence with citations if necessary)

Solution of Contradiction to Reason 4 (include evidence with citations if necessary)

5a) On this issue, what is your viewpoint: PRO or CON (circle one)

5b) Provide reasons and evidence for your viewpoint and refute the opposing view.

(You may use reasons, evidence, refutations that have already been provided as long

as you offer your perspective in response to this issue.)

Bibliography with references (at least two sources besides text) is required.

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