PLAGIARISm Utilizing the information on academic dishonesty located in the AState Student Handbook, essay help

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Utilizing the information on academic dishonesty located in the AState Student Handbook, you may choose to write a short essay on plagiarism. This essay should be approximately one page in length and should include your honest reflections on the situation in which you were involved… as well as the importance of maintaining integrity in completion of course work.

The case or what happened for me in this class I got zero on the (critical writing assignment ) because there is someone who submitted the exact same work that I submit !! (( I got this problem because of one of this website tutor!!!! who puts me in trouble. not this is what I want you to write about I just want to let you know about the whole case to write me a good short essay)) What I want you to write ( I write this assignment by my self but I don’t know how and who take this assignment from me to give the same exact work!! I was thinking of this situation too long and I thought of maybe when I was checking my grammar on checking websites they get my work and put it online ! the other thought is maybe there is a huker on my labtop who give the work the other student but till today I don’t know how they get to my work. 

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All I need you to write is a short essay about PLAGIARISM from the handbook and my case that I explained to you up here. one bage I TRUSTED YOU BECAUSE OF THIS I ASSIGNED YOU MY ASSIGNMENT.

This the Astate handbook . I mean this what will helps you to write a short essay one bage. 


Arkansas State University enthusiastically promotes academic integrity and prof

essional ethics

among all members of the A

State academic community. Violations of this policy are considered

as serious misconduct and may result in severe penalties.




is the act of taking and/or using the ideas, work, and/or

writings of another

person as one’s own.


To avoid plagiarism give written credit and acknowledgment to the source of thoughts,

ideas, and/or words, whether you have used direct quotation, paraphrasing, or just a

reference to a general idea.


If you directly

quote works written by someone else, enclose the quotation with

quotation marks and provide an appropriate citation (e.g., footnote, endnote,

bibliographical reference).


Research, as well as the complete written paper, must be the work of the person


ng academic credit for the course. (Papers, book reports, projects, and/or other

class assignments)


Faculty members may respond to cases of plagiarism in any of the following



Return the paper or other item for rewriting; the grade may be lowered.


Give a failing grade on the paper or other item

“F” if a letter grade is used or zero if a

numerical grade is used.


Give the student who plagiarized a failing grade in the course.



ecommend sanctions, including disciplinary expulsion from the university.




is an act of dishonesty with the intention of obtaining and/or using information in

a fraudulent manner.


Observing and/or copying from another student’s test pap

er, reports, computer files

and/or other class assignments.


Giving or receiving assistance during an examination period. (This includes providing

specific answers to subsequent examinees and/or dispensing or receiving information

that would allow the stud

ent to have an unfair advantage in the examination over

students who did not possess such information.)


Using class notes, outlines, and other unauthorized information during an examination.




Using, buying, selling, stealing, transporting, or soliciting,

in part or in whole the

contents of an examination or other assignment not authorized by the professor of the



Using for credit in one class a term paper, book report, project, or class assignment

written for credit in another class without the know

ledge and permission of the

professor of the class.


Exchanging places with another person for the purpose of taking an examination or

completing other assignments.


Faculty members may respond to cases of cheating in any of the following way



Allow the testing to progress without interruption, informing the offending student

about the offense

and award a failing grade on the test

“F” if a letter grade is used

or zero if a numerical grade is used.


Seize the test of the offending student and

give a failing grade on the paper.


Give the offending student a failing grade in the course.


Recommend sanctions, including disciplinary expulsion from the university.

Sanctions for Academic Misconduct

Sanctions for Academic Misconduct may be imposed by

the faculty member or instructor

discovering the Academic Misconduct except in the case of dismissal from a particular program

which shall be made by the department chair or program director, or suspension or expulsion

from the university, which shall be m

ade by the dean. The following sanctions may be imposed

for Academic Misconduct:

A failing grade on the paper or project;

Rewriting or repeat performance of course work;

A failing grade for the class;

Dismissal from the class;


from a particular program;

Suspension or Expulsion from the university;

Other appropriate sanctions as warranted by the specific acts of the student.

A Student may not avoid academic sanctions by withdrawing from a class, a program, or the



Colleges and Departments (e.g., Art, Nursing, Biology) may add to these guidelines in

order to enforce academic integrity and professional ethics to meet their special needs (e.g.,

clinical, computer, laboratory experiences.

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