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Be sure to submit your project in one WORD document in APA format and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.

Paper Requirements:

Choose one of three delinquent youth subcultures (gangs, goth/punk, or straight edge). Using Excelsior’s library resources, research the subculture you select by identifying academic sources (journal articles, federal and state agency reports, academic books and monographs, etc) as well as online content to present a descriptive overview. Your paper must:

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  • Describe the subculture’s origins and history
  • Identify the group’s activities, focusing on delinquency and illegal behavior
  • Incorporate one or more of the biological, psychological or sociological theories covered in the course to explain the subculture’s existence
  • And last, what society’s response to the subculture should be including prevention recommendations.

Papers should be between 5 and 7 pages in length, double-spaced in Times Roman size 12 font in APA style. Your paper must have a minimum of 12 references and all references must be cited in the paper.  While the research paper is not due until 11:55 pm eastern time on Sunday of Module 7, it is important to begin the research process of gathering academic sources on your topic during the first and second weeks so as to not fall behind.


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