Interview Project

Interview Project

By now you should have completed your interview with someone from each of the following age groups. 

  • 20-35
  • 36-49
  • 50-65

The interview format should be based on the following types of questions:

  • Demographic questions: This is common in interviews and questionnaires. Typically, demographic questions include questions regarding age, gender, race or ethnicity, marital status, education level, career title (job), and types of jobs held. Do not include questions that identify an individual, that is, questions regarding name, address, and relationship with you.
  • Interview questions: Personal interview questions differ from a questionnaire or survey in that they are much less structured. They are open-ended and lead to a narrative of the normative and non-normative life events of an individual. For the interview you will need to ask four to five questions on each topic. However, be prepared to ask follow-up questions to further probe into the topic area, if needed.

When conducting the interview, the student will follow this guide:

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  • First, locate individuals whom you plan to interview. Call each of them or send a letter to make an appointment. Introduce yourself as a student of South University. Explain that you need to interview him or her as part of a class project
  • Conduct a one-on-one interview.
  • Record the interview or take detailed notes. This will help in its analysis.
  • Besides answers to the questions, record or note other relevant information shared, as well as the mood of the interviewee during the interview.

What is due for this assignment is a summary report on the interviews detailing the following information:

  • Interview questions asked
  • Demographic information for each participant
  • Summary of responses to questions
  • Issues or relevant information regarding the interviews
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