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In a 8-page evaluative essay, you will explore how different psychological perspectives and theories affect wellness and illness due to life stressors. Review the case study, and then address the questions using the different psychological theories and perspectives covered in Units 1–6 on wellness and illness.

Case Study for Unit 6 Assignment

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Begin your essay with a discussion of the psychological factors that affect wellness and illness due to stress. Be sure to include physiological aspects of stress and at least two of the major models of stress as discussed in your text. Include these factors as you address the following questions:

Identify the stressors that exist in the case study from each of the following categories: stressors related to family, occupation, and health.

Explain how stress is measured. Identify at least one coping resource for each of the following categories: psychological, biological, and social coping resources that can be used to decrease stress? Describe what happens to a person’s body when he/she does not use positive coping mechanisms for stress?

Nancy is clearly using tobacco to cope with stress. What are some problems that can result from tobacco use?

How can stress-related chronic illnesses be prevented? If a person suffers with a chronic illness, what are can he or she do to accept the illness and develop a healthier lifestyle? What would you recommend to Nancy to make changes in her life?

Finally, discuss how you will use the concepts in this paper in your personal and professional life.

References should include your textbook and at least two additional scholarly resources.

Each Paper should include:

A title page

The paper itself (the “discussion”)

A reference page

Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides.

Use standard 12-point font size in Times New Roman or Arial.

Use standard double-spacing: average of 22 lines per page, and between 20 to 24 lines per page.

Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.

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