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1)Company analysis

–>market share

–>marketing ability and capacity

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–>product and positioning fit

—>quality of distribution services

2)Context analysis

—>market size

—>market growth

—->competitive conditions

—>market ucontrollables (Cultural, legal, political environment)

3)Scale Analysis

—>Favourable conditions ( favourable benefit-cost-risk trade off, politically stable nation, no dramatic upsurge inflation or private sector debt, free market system)

—>unfavourable conditions (political unstable nation, speculative financial bubbles have led to access borrowing, mixed or command economies)

—>large scale entry plus (commitment of significant resources,easier to attract customers, may cause rivals to rethink market entry)

—> Large scale entry minus (fewer resouces to commit elsewhere, may lead to indigenous competitive response)

—>small scale entry plus(time to learn about the market, limits company exposure)

—>small scale entry minus(may be difficult to build market share, difficult to capture first mover advantage)



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