English – Need in 6 HOURS! Great Gasby – Question: What motivates a person to succeed in life?…Create a Power Point

Who has read the Great Gasby?…


Create a Powerpoint presentation

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Unit Essential Question: What motivates a person to succeed in life?..

1.Develop your claim in response to the Essential Question. You will connect your claim to the novel, The Great Gatsby, along with Mark Twain Study.


2.Then, your final project will be an Interactive Powerpoint Presentation, which will highlight your claim, explain connections to your literature, and engage the audience in a discussion..


PLease use attached powerpoint file to follow and it shows what to include (requirements)…You MUST follow each point required on attached or you will not be paid. If you follow EXACTLY EVERY POINT and complete assignment as required, I will pay an extra $20 bonus on final payment!

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