Chronic And Communicable Disease( Healthmap)

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Week One – North US/Canada/Russia/Europe

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The goal of this assignment is to investigate the website each week (1-4) and find new and specific outbreaks that has found its way into the general population.  Your focus will be to record three new outbreaks in all various parts of the world- North, South, East, and West regions of the world throughout the four weeks of class.

Complete the following for each of the three outbreaks:


· 1. Name the communicable disease.

· 2.Name the location- City, County, State, Region, Territory and so on.

· 3.Describe the specifics of the outbreak including causes and symptoms.

· 4.How many cases have been confirmed and who has been affected?

· 5.What is being done to prevent the spread of the disease?

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