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Please complete each part and follow each instructions for the parts

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Part one

Resources: National Bureau of Economic Research

Develop a 2,100-word economic outlook that includes the following:

  • Using data from the above link to the NBER, and other sources, analyze the history of changes in U. S. GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment and compare to each of their forecasts for the next five years.
  • Discuss how government policies, such as fiscal and monetary, can influence economic growth.
  • Analyze how monetary policy could influence the long-run behavior of inflation rates, and other real or nominal variables.
  • Describe how trade deficits or surpluses can influence the growth of productivity and GDP.
  • Discuss the importance of the market for loanable funds and the market for foreign-currency exchange to our economic growth.
  • Recommend, based on your above findings, what the government should do to encourage economic growth

Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources from the University Library.

Use the university of phoenix library to set sources and also in text citations go to www.phoenixedu to find the library that have sources

Part 2

This part is a team collaboration so only write on what I highlighted and give me about one source and write about 300 words on my bulletin topic. The country will be japan.

Assignment Steps

Resources: National Bureau of Economic Research

Scenario: The organization’s strategic plan calls for an aggressive growth plan, requiring investment in facilities and equipment, growth in productivity, and labor over the next five years. It is your team’s task to determine where, outside the United States, your organization should locate its new manufacturing plant.

Write a 1,050-word report recommending an off-shore country and support your choice with the following data:

  • The factors determining the selected country’s productivity
  • How the selected country’s policies influence its productivity growth
  • How the selected country’s financial system is related to key macroeconomic variables: GDP, Unemployment & Inflation
  • How your organization can reduce the risks they would face in relocating
  • The selected country’s current and projected unemployment rate over the next five years

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources not including your textbook.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Part 3

On this part I have highlighted what I need did. I need you to write at least 180 words on what I highlighted and add in text citation with reference this is a group assignment on this part so do only what I highlighted. I will submit another document to help get started on this assignment

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

Write the Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship section for your Capstone project (a minimum of 500 words). Refer to Chapter 12 in the textbook for additional information. Be sure to address the following questions:

1.What is the leader’s sphere of influence in your organization? Based on this, what impact can the leader have on the implementation of your business plan?

2.What potential leadership bias could impact the development or progress of your organization’s development?

3.What hurdles do you anticipate?

4.What leadership style(s) will a leader in your organization have to demonstrate? How could you incorporate Servant Leadership?

5.What are potential strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your business?

6.How can the leadership in your organization impact and influence others and deliver the results you expect?

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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