Assignment 3: Course Project Task I




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HI Sherry,
I’m not sure which of these topics you are considering, but I would consider using the first one.

The not having “experienced” direct bodily harm is part of the criteria for PTSD, but you could research a few different aspects. Perhaps you could examine something like “PTSD will occur in individuals who did not experience bodily harm vs those that did more frequently. ” This is just an example but let me know which area you would like to measure? Our hypothesis should be measurable and something we can gather data on.
Dr. P


Specific problem:

“Post-traumatic stress disorder” may expand after a terrifying suffering involving physical injury or the risk of physical injury. You don’t have to be bodily hurt to acquire PTSD. You can acquire it after you observe others—a friend, a relative’s associate, even a stranger—harmed and threatened.

“The evidence of the problem:”

·         Re-experiencing symptoms: potential symptoms of post traumatic reliving the trauma again and again, counting physical symptoms like a sweating. This is a general incidence in citizens who have sadness as well as other nervousness disorders. Various confirmations recommend that PTSD might relate to enlarged likelihood of expanding therapeutic disorders.

·         Avoidance symptoms: potential symptoms of post traumatic happen because staying away a person from places, occasions that are reminders of the occurrence. Avoidance symptoms are attempts citizens create to avoid the traumatic occasion.  Avoidance symptoms creating an effort to evade trauma-connected reminders

“Causing the problem:”

PTSD is a psychiatric confusion that can happen following the occurrence and also observing of life-threatening occurrences like as military combat, terrorist incidents and etc. Some citizens will have trauma effects that may even get bad over instance.

“Yes, research question obviously expressed devoid of being too common and also too narrow because” Particular psychological interventions that is a type of trauma that have been considered for the avoidance of mature PTSD aim to teach victims regarding usual reactions to trauma as well as to promote them to share their understandings and touching responses to the occurrence. Debriefing is normally offered in a gathering inside days behind the occurrence to one and all exposed to the occurrence. (Raskind, 2014)

“Yes, the question connects to the recognized problem” Prolonged Exposure treatment forces a long-suffering to vividly keep in mind every aspect of a distressing experience as well as express the memories. Prolonged Exposure healing is assisting him to defeat his survivor’s blame, which is a structure chunk to him for a subsequently step in existence.

“Yes, the research, related on the study question, feasible because” Fighting veterans brought the main PTSD to public concentration. But PTSD that can stem from distressing incidents, like as mugging, and rape, being kidnapped as well as also held captive, kid abuse, car misfortunes, train wrecks, aeroplane crashes, violence’s, or natural tragedies such as floods and earthquakes. The common of citizens exposed to such occurrences experience various symptoms of suffering (sleep difficulties, jumpiness). Most completely get better in a few weeks and months. PTSD is presently the subject of numerous researches learning that are funded through the National organization of Mental Health.

“Yes, the research, related on the study question, include to the body of information in the forensic psychology area because” HYPERAROUSAL potential symptoms of post traumatic occur because complexity sleeping, being simply as well as tense vigilance worried, bad temper, annoyance, panic,  (Matthew, 2014) Discussion through the suffering will assist you get extra manage of your considerations and feelings regarding the trauma.

Furthermore, this may be difficult at first as well as it might seem odd to believe about worrying things on reason. Many citizens feel superior over time, while, as they do imaginable coverage.



Matthew. (2014). Avoidance Symptoms. Retrieved from


Raskind. (2014). Interventions for the Prevention of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults After Exposure to Psychological Trauma. Retrieved from



After reading the feedback on your proposed quantitative research question in M1 Assignment 2, provide your revised quantitative research question. Next, develop a hypothesis for the research question (Include a null and an alternative hypothesis for your question.).


Keep in mind that a hypothesis is a specific statement of prediction. A hypothesis describes in concrete (rather than theoretical) terms what you expect will happen in your study. It should be testable and often mirrors the research question in the way that it is written.


For example, there is a positive correlation between having an alcoholic parent and alcoholism in adulthood.


Once you have clearly stated your research question and hypothesis, discuss the following (in 1–2 pages):


  • Why is a null hypothesis required in research? How is the null hypothesis used when drawing conclusions from the collected data?
  • What is the relationship of your hypothesis to the identified problem?
  • How is your hypothesis feasible?
  • How is your hypothesis measurable and testable?

Submission Details:

  • By Wednesday, September 6, 2017, save your hypothesis and supporting discussion as M1_A3_Lastname_Firstname.doc and submit it to the M1 Assignment 3 Dropbox.


Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Clearly stated the quantitative research question and the hypothesis (both alternative and null). 20
Explained the need for the null hypothesis in research as well as its role in drawing conclusions from the collected data. 12
Identified and described the relationship of the hypothesis to the identified problem. 16
Explained the feasibility of the hypothesis. 16
Identified how your hypothesis is measurable and testable. 12
Used scientific terminology in writing the hypothesis. 8
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 16
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