Advantages of Simulation in Nursing

Question description

Topic: Including simulation in undergraduate nursing program curriculum.

I have already completed the introduction for the research topic and have attached it at the bottom.

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There is not a proposed page limit for the paper.


Part 1 – Evidence review and synthesis

  • List the names of the databases you searched (Less than 5 years)
    • Search Tracker turned in that includes PICOT question and shows path for searches.
    • Summarize “keeper” studies in the evaluation table, Columns of the Evaluation Table contain appropriate information from which decisions can be made.
    • Authors’ names, date of publication (included in the citation).
    • Quality and level of evidence
    • How significant (or not) the evidence is and why you think so. How are these articles relevant to change practice or policy for your specific practice site and population? If a study is not significant and you have included it, mention how your clinical expertise was involved in this decision.
    • Your summary the synthesis section should clearly indicate the intervention you plan to use in your project proposal.
  • Purpose of the project
  • Include intervention & Theoretical framework
  • Clinical questions; How the clinical question indicates the type of study that will be done (quasi-experimental vs. experimental). Describe the type of study and clearly describe it.


  • Study design: Briefly describe the study design indicated by the question (experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive).
  • Setting/sample: Briefly describe the setting for the study, who your study participants will be, and how these participants will be chosen. Will random sampling or a sample of convenience be used?
  • Confidentiality: How will you protect the confidentiality of your participants?
  • Procedures/intervention: Discuss the intervention you will implement and the procedures you will use in enough detail that others could replicate the study.
  • Instruments/scales and measurement of outcomes: Describe the instruments you will use to measure changes and whether they are quantitative, qualitative, or of a mixed design. If they have been tested previously, include reliability and validity data.
  • Data collection: Explain plans for data collection including:
    • Methods of collection, i.e., interviews, paper and pencil testing, etc.
    • Testing frequency. Will you gather baseline data prior to the intervention? Will you employ repeated measures such as pre- and posttests?

Data analysis

  • State your clinical question.
  • Briefly state the intervention you will implement. While these two items are not typically included in Part 5, doing so will help orient faculty so appropriate feedback can be provided.
  • What outcomes will be analyzed and how they will be analyzed?
  • Describe the statistical analysis you will do relating this to the data collection tools you plan to use.
  • Indicate the types of demographic data you plan to report on your participants as well.
  • Briefly discuss the outcomes expected should this project be implemented.
  • Identify your stakeholders by job title and how their participation was key to the project.
  • Briefly discuss potential barriers to project implementation that stakeholders may present. Include strategies to prevent or address these barriers.


  • Evaluation Table
  • Synthesis Table
Criteria for EBP Project Proposal Paper Maximum Points
Abstract 15
Introduction 30
Evidence review and synthesis 60
Purpose of the project 25
Methods 40
Data analysis 50
Appendices: Evaluation and Synthesis tables 20
Paper demonstrates graduate level writing skills and scholarship 30
EBP Oral/Poster Presentation
Presentation content and quality is consistent with graduate work 30
Total: 300
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