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Choose one of the special populations groups covered this week and discuss in detail how exercise can benefit this population specifically. This portion of your response should be at , and should reference two sources. You will use the Online Library for at least one resource. You must reference all of your sources, including the text if used, using proper referencing methods. If sections are taken directly/quoted from a source, those must be cited correctly as well; only around 10% of a paper can be taken directly from your sources.

Following your essay, provide a one-week sample training program for the population that you researched that would be beneficial and appropriate. Provide an explanation for your program recommendations.

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For this week’s assignment please make sure to elaborate and explain WHY you are making the recommendations that you have based on contraindications, precautions, strengths, weaknesses, comfort levels and key exercise principles you have learned. I want to know what is/are the limiting factor(s) for the population type and WHY you are making the decisions/suggestions you will be stating. as well as show me that you understand the material. Don’t forget to review the population’s guidelines outlined in the text. Also, all recommendations should be resistance exercises, stretching, cardiovascular work and any other modifications that you learn to include in the sample program.

Use issa the complete guide to fitness for a citation and two sources from this library acess code is avaibale I will provide the pages needed for the textbook



Access the site below, or cut type it into your web browser, making sure to type it exactly as it appears below. Then select Member Database Access and type in 86548 as the LIRN Patron Identification Number. Use that ID and follow it with up to nine more alphanumeric characters to validate your access. Once you do this, you will have access to periodical databases such as Infotrac, ProQuest, and eLibrary, where you can search for scholarly articles and use reference books such as almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauruses.


Provide a plagarism report and links to the citations

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