write a paper about Wireless Network, Problem Wi-if Connection and start up outline.

Question description

: Wireless Network. Problem Wi-Fi Connection. (e.g. Router Misconfiguration): A Key Issue for Network Availability

Objectives: To enhance and demonstrate student knowledge and skills on diagnostics of network issues, troubleshooting, and skills in critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and technical research and presentation.

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Instructions: 1. Identify a specific network issue or problem that affects network availability, reliability, or security, such as a physical connection problem, switch configuration issue, routing issue, IP misconfiguration, Ethernet, network protocol issue, or wireless network setup issue, etc. It would be helpful to browse and use relevant troubleshooting labs for your topic selection. 2. Conduct research on the identified problem and propose the best solution in your opinion based on research and hands-on test using the course readings, labs, and additional sources such as conference and journal papers (e.g. IEEE or ACM Digital Library database) accessible online from the RMU library, up-to-date industry and government reports, and other academic and non-commercial publications.

3. Write a 5 to 6 page report paper that includes the following: 1) A title and an Abstract paragraph of about 150-200 words to summarize the content of your paper. 2) 5 Keywords used in your paper. 3) An Introduction section (about 1 page) to briefly describe your identified network issue or problem, network availability (or reliability or security) affected, the significance of the issue, and your proposed diagnostic and trouble-shooting solution and method. 4) A Literature Review section (1.5-2 page) that summarizes major existing and published solutions (3 or 4 solutions) to your identified network issue/questions and discusses the strengths and limitations of each existing solution one by one. 5) A Proposed Solution section (2 pages): Describe your proposed troubleshooting solution in detail (including test methods, tools, and step-by-step instructions), explain the strengths of your proposed solution, using first-hand demo test ) or graphics and screen captures. 6) A Conclusion section (1 paragraph) to recap your paper and state areas for future improvement. 7) A References section listing all the sources cited in your paper using examples in the sample IEEE paper format template and provided and the guide on editing and citing references on pages 34-48 in the IEEE editorial style manual provided.

4. Length & Format: 5 to 6 pages; single space & 2-column, font size 12; see the sample IEEE paper format template and the IEEE editorial style manual provided.

5. Research Sources: 1) List and cite at least 6 (INFS3231) or 10 (INFS6231) published sources in IEEE or APA format. 2) Review the Plagiarism Policy in syllabus and give proper credit to all sources used.

6. Submission: Submit your paper (Word document)

7. Presentation: Submit a PowerPoint presentation file of at least 10 slides together with your Word document

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