Are printed books as important as they once were and does your research show that they have the power they did before electronic media?

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·What is the future of the printed newspaper? How does the on-line version of the paper come into play?

·Magazines have come under fire for the altering of photographs. Does this really happen and should you be concerned about it? Do you know of any examples that make a difference to the reader?

Are video games considered as mass media? How much influence do these games have on the consumer?

After you look over these topics, pick out at least three and not more than five. You can use the recommended text from our syllabus, the library, on-line sources or any other material you may find relevant. I would like to see at least a page of research and personal thought on each topic you choose. A total of five pages for an average grade will be acceptable.

Please cite your sources. This has a great impact on your grade.

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