Week_7 Answer

Below is my initial post. Please read teacher’s comment right below the line and answer her question and support your answer with two journals as instructed.

Generic Name:  docusate sodium       Trade Name: Colace

Therapeutic class: laxatives                                Pharmacologic class stool softeners

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Actions: Reduces surface tension of the oil-water interface of the stool.

Therapeutic effects: Advances fuse of water into stool, bringing about milder fecal mass, may likewise advance electrolyte and water emission into the colon

Dose Prescribed:

Onset/Peak/Duration: PO    Onset: 24-48 hr. Peak: unknown Duration: unknown

NmL Dose: 50-500 mg once daily

Indications:  Prevention of constipation

Reason Client is prescribed:

Common Side Effects: Mild cramps

Drug-Drug/Food Interactions or compatibility problems: Touchiness, Stomach agony, sickness, or regurgitating, particularly when related with fever or different indications of an intense belly. Nursing Considerations: Over the top or delayed utilize may prompt reliance. Long haul treatment may cause electrolyte awkwardness and reliance.


Engel, H O. (2013). A treatment for constipation.

Docusate sodium. (January 01, 2015). Nursing Times, 101, 13, 29.

Hillier, K. (January 01, 2014). Docusate Sodium.


This patient tried and failed Miralax medication for IBS-Constipation. Docusate sodium is too weak of a medication for this patient.

Have you considered Linaclotide 145 mcg po daily ?

Please research LInaclotide and look for 2 articles.

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