• Week 2 Learning Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

    • Identify the following characteristics between millipedes and centipedes:
      • Which could cause you significant bodily harm; which could stain your fingers purple if mishandled?
    • Identify and define insect metamorphosis categories and stages within each category by completing the textbook reading and watching the lecture video.
      • Apply your understanding of incomplete versus complete metamorphosis by identifying name and function of each life stage within these metamorphosis types as well as comparing and contrasting the metamorphosis types on the next quiz.
    • Evaluate role of pheromones in insect communicate by watching the NBC learn video on Bark beetle infestations in the U.S. and identifying the type of pheromone used and its purpose on the next quiz.
    • Identify role of Juvenile hormone in insect molting by watching the lecture video.
  • Step 1: Take Quiz 1

    Quiz Content: Textbook chapters 1, 6, 7Quiz window: check course calendar

  • Step 2: Read Textbook

    Read textbook chapters 2, 8, and 24.

  • Step 3: View Lecture Presentations

    Chapter 8: Metamorphosis (presentation)Chapter 8: Molting

  • Step 5: Watch Videos and Read Websites

    These resources are provided to help you reflect on the question: Why not eat insects?, and to prepare for your Discussion board response.

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    1. Watch video:
    2. Read website:
    3. Read website:


    1. “Why Not Eat Insects?” Marcel Dicke:. TEDGlobal, July 2010
    2. “Nutritional Value of Various Insects per 100 Grams.” Insect Nutritional Table. Iowa State University., 2000.
    3. “Why Eat Crickets.” Why Eat Crickets. Chapul, n.d.
  • Step 4: Listen to Audio and Watch Video

    The Ants Go Marching One by One (audio)1 | Transcript: The Ants Go Marching One by One (docx)‘The Ants Go Marching One by One’ is a well-known children’s nursery song. While listening, consider the following:

    • What behavior is the song describing?
    • What pheromone causes this behavior?

    Title: Bark Beetle Outbreaks
    Date: Sep 30, 2011
    Duration: 00:05:14Watch the ‘Bark Beetle Outbreak’2 video by clicking on the thumbnail. Be able to answer the following questions on the next quiz/exam:

    • What role does increased climate temperature play in the outbreaks of this beetle?
    • What are the trees’ defenses against this beetle?
    • What role do pheromones play in the beetle outbreaks?
    • Although this beetle is very tiny, what impact has it had recently on forests in the U.S.?


    1. Turtle Interactive. “The Ants Go Marching One by One Song.” YouTube. YouTube, 29 Jan. 2014. Web.
    2. “Bark Beetle Outbreaks.” Anne Thompson, correspondent. NBC Learn. NBCUniversal Media. 30 Sep. 2011. NBC Learn. Web.

    Requirment.Build your own quiz by making a list of 5 take-away statements about Week 2 content. This may include anything from the textbook, lecture videos, articles, videos, websites, etc. Post your list under the discussion board prompt titled Quiz 2. Click the Discussion Board menu tab to access the prompt.What is a Take-Away Statement?

    • A one to two-sentence original statement about something you learned. Each statement is in your own words, and reflects critical thinking about the content.
    • Example: Unlike caterpillars, beetle larvae do not have suction-like back legs.

    What is NOT a Take-Away Statement?

    • Direct quotes from class material.
    • Lists of facts pulled from course material and/or outside sources (i.e. google, wikipedia, etc.)
    • Incomplete sentences.
    • Example: I really like beetles because they are cool. (This shows no connection to something learned from the class. Although it’s good to include your thoughts, make sure you are also communicating a connection to something learned in the course.)
    • Example: Beetles are the largest order of insects. (This is a straight fact that is too similar to course textbook material.)

    How will you be graded?

    • Credit/ No Credit.
      • College-level writing is required meaning no grammar/spelling/editing errors.
      • All 5 statements must be present and original work.
      • Please note that the only way that a student will not get credit for this assignment is if statements are taken directly or almost directly from one of the sources of information listed above. Just changing one word will not be acceptable either. Students must think critically about the information they have received thus far and simply type out a bullet list of 5 “take-away” statements.
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