User Interface Testing

Question description

For this assignment, you will be conducting the usability test utilizing the usability questionnaire that you developed in Week 3. First, you will need to select 4–5 testers. Craft a Usability Test Instruction Guide that contains all of the tourist user interface prototype screens that you created in week 2. Also, include a disclaimer that the participants’ identities and participation will not be shared with a third-party organization. Send it to the testers, via e-mail, along with the usability questionnaire. Please request that they return the questionnaire in 4–5 days so that you have time to tally the results before this assignment is due. Thank them for their participation. You may want to engage some of your classmates and your professor as potential testers as they understand the time constraint.

To tally the results, you will need to aggregate the following:

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      • Compute the average for each of the usability questions in section 2 and present it in a results spreadsheet. Include a couple of analysis statements discussing the results. What changes will you make based on these results?
      • Compute the average for each of the function questions in section 3 and present them in the same results spreadsheet. Include a couple of analysis statements discussing the results. What changes will you make based on these results?
      • Evaluate the demographics to see if that had an impact on individual results.
      • Summarize the comments at the bottom of the usability questionnaire and discuss changes you will make to the prototype design based on this feedback.

here’s my comment by my teacher: Just need to add to the mock-ups, describe some of your UI choices, and navigation details. Additional comments: For this assignment, you were to develop a prototype mock-up for both kiosk display screens and smart phone display screens, as well as include a narrative to explain how you would navigate each of the prototype options. You could use a low-fidelity approach to prototyping these mock-ups, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio, or another storyboarding type tool, or even hand-draw them and scan them, and copy and paste your mock-ups into your design document. You were to include a mock-up for the main menu for the Tourist Information Application and a lower-level menu mock-up for each item on the main menu. This means if you have six menu options on the main menu, you should include a total of 14 mock-ups, one set (i.e., main menu and one for each sub-menu) for the kiosk and one for the smart phone. You should clearly identify what each mock-up represents. You should also address the following: Banner heading, menus and options, graphics, items you want to hotlink to other pages, fill-inform layouts, logo that can go in banner heading or as the backdrop, specify the font and color you intend to use throughout application, and identify any other options that you want to appear on every page. Even if you include all of these in the mock-up, you should clearly state these elements have been addressed. My comments are directed at whether you met the requirements of the assignment and not at the actual design since you will get feedback on the design when you conduct the usability study in week 4


The following are the project deliverables:

  • Update the design document title page with a new date and project name.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor’s feedback.
  • Complete the new content below and copy it under the section in the User Interface Usability Design document called Usability Test Results.
  • Include the following new content:
    • Usability Test Instruction Guide
      • Create instructions on how to walk through the low-fidelity prototype screens that should be copied in this guide.
      • Include a disclaimer that their identity and participation will not be released to anyone.
      • Include the deadline of 4–5 days and thank them for their participation.
    • Usability Test Results
      • Create a table with averages for each question in section 2 with an evaluation of the results.
      • Create a table with averages for each question in section 3 with an evaluation of the results.
      • Include the demographic impact analysis.
      • Include a comment recommendations summary.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission
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