Ursula Burns, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Xerox

I. Watch Ursula Burns give a speech () about her career and role as CEO at Xerox. What major changes did Burns make at Xerox to make it the success it is today?

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II. There are four types of changes that organizations typically encounter – technological change, structural change, task change and people change.Which of these did Burns deal with at Xerox?

III. In every organization, resistance to change is encountered and some of the methods managers can use to overcome resistance to change. In your opinion, has CEO Burns been a successful change agent so far?

IV. Describe the type of organizational culture that Burns is trying to create at XEROX.

V. In your opinion, has Ursula Burns created a strong or weak, positive or negative culture at Xerox?

VI. Communications is a major competency for leaders. Would you agree that this is a quality of Burns’s, to have been as effective as she has been so far?

VII. One of the characteristics of effective teams is the presence of a capable and competent team leader. Would you describe Burns as being an effective team leader?

Essay has to be at least 300 words in APA format and include references.

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