travel and tourism project

Question description

Project Standards: Project must be presented as an outline. Follow up requires demographic studies to determine the target markets visiting your destination (not the demographics of the destination).Project must include a strategy for marketing destination and a cost analysis to demonstrate the necessary steps to fund this effort. Information is available on the www for existing budgets for destination management and promotion.

Project Overview: The project does not need to embody original promotions but may use promotions utilized in similar markets. The project must identify the required infrastructure required by similar destinations to support tourism and its growth.

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Project Breakdown:

Section 1.Student identifies a tourism destination and describes the area geographically and demographically.

Section 2.Student enumerates the stakeholders (hotels, attractions, airlines, transportation cos.and convention facilities) and recounts their size.

Section 3. Student describes the infrastructure of the destination to include airports, roads, harbors, train service and auxiliary services such as hospitals, training etc. Discuss size and current state of infrastructure as well as any current plans for expansion or improvement.

Section 5. Student creates an event or expands an existing event to improve international arrivals and visitor expenditures.

Section 6. Student provides a summary and method to evaluate and monitor the successes and failure in the campaign. Student identifies key performance indicators that evaluate success of the tourism industry.

Scores will be administered (for each student) based on the ability to:

  • Conduct a demographic analysis of a destination and identify its target segments (M5-02);
  • Identify and evaluate lodging products and other stakeholders in management and promotion of a destination (M5-01);
  • Survey infrastructure and international travel companies and intermediaries required to promote a successful international destination (M6-06);
  • Expand an existing or create a new event that will increase international arrivals and expenditures for an international destination (M5-04);
  • Develop an assessment of the plan that they have devised to promote the international destination (M4-04).
  • Contextualized (Globalized) Learning Goal(s):

Upon the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Locate the statistical analysis of operating budgets for destination visitor’s bureaus. (B1-a).

Assurance of Learning Validation (In support of the Contextualized (Globalized) Learning Goal(s):

B1. As an element of the Capstone Project, students will be required to survey budgets of successful destinations and indicate how those budgets reflect efforts to attract the global market.

Score will be administered (for each student) based on the ability to:

a.Create budget forecasting revenue and expenses for the destination visitor’s bureau based on budgets from other bureaus (M5-04).

*My project is about Shanghai, which is the most economically developed city in China.

a large city which will require you to inventory all hotel rooms and come up with a higher budget for the tourist board.

Please write 3 pages and using simple words.

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