Discuss which of the traditional teaching strategies mentioned in the text (accelerated, compacting, enrichment, independent studies) you would use with that child. Be sure to justify your choice of strategy by using evidence from your peer’s initial response that leads you to believe this would be the best strategy for this child. In addition, discuss what the positive outcomes of using this strategy with this child would be.

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While sitting in and observing kindergarten classroom, I noticed a six year old boy by the name of Trey. It was very obvious that he was bored with the lesson being taught. In the class they watched an alphabet video while the other children sang along Trey just played with the papers on his table. The class has begun learning how to sound out and spell three letter words. While the other children were busy sounding out words trying to figure out the words on the paper in front of them, Trey was able to read full sentences and big words. When the teacher passed out worksheets, all the children waited for her to read the directions to complete the assignment, but all the kids at Treys table were start before everyone else because Trey reads them the directions. At his table there are three other students and Trey is like the leader, he picks up on things very fast so he helps the other children at his table. Another boy at his table was getting frustrated because he didn’t understand what he was suppose to do after the teacher gave them directions. The child seem embraced and dint want to ask for additional direction from the teacher, he just sat there quietly. Trey noticed that the boy seemed lost so he explained the worksheet to the him, giving him step by step instruction until he was able to finish the work sheet.

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