The topic is on Blue Ocean Strategy, Red Ocean Traps, Fast Second

Please read the attached 5 articles on Blue Ocean Strategy, Red Ocean Traps, and Fast Second Innovation (as defined by Buisson and Silberzahn) and locate resources that can be used in this discussion.

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  • First:Define the key elements of theory presented by the authors on Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Execution, Red Ocean Traps, and fast second innovation.
  • Second: Provide a well-supported example in a for-profit business of your choice within the last 10 years of any of the following:
    • Blue Ocean Strategy.
    • Blue Ocean Execution.
    • Red Ocean traps were realized or avoided.
    • Fast second innovation.

Be sure to provide specific support for your examples.

Use the attached format named”EXAMPLE OF GOOD DISCUSSION1.doc” and write 2 page paper (Reference page will make it 3 pages)

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