the strategy literature and concepts to develop a personal strategy for their SCM, management homework help

Question description

Overview: Students will use the strategy literature and concepts to develop a personal strategy for their supply chain management career after graduation. Write about your short, medium, and long term career goals, and develop a strategy to achieve them. Student should include a copy of a professional resume as part of the paper. Maximum length of the paper is 10 pages. The average length is 7 to 9 pages.

your grade will reflect this.

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Paper Guidelines

Executive Summary/Statement of Purpose (Must be 1 page)

·  This should include an overview of your entire paper with an introduction, body, and conclusion

Body of your Paper (3-4 pages)

·  Discuss your plans after graduation with the following questions in mind:

o  What do you intend to do? Are you planning to pursue another degree?

o  What career field interests you? Why? What are you plans to get into this career field? Spend some time researching the field you are interested in and provide context on why you believe that is the field of choice for you.

o  Research the type of job you would like to have after graduation.

o  What experiences do you have now that will help you when you enter in this field?

o  What specific classes have you taken that you believe have prepared you for the real world? Why?

o  Are there any extracurricular activities that you were a part of that built your leadership skills for the particular career of your choice? Why?

o  Tell your story, how did you end up pursuing this degree and how has your life experience impacted you in a way that will benefit you in your life?

o  What are your short term goals? Medium Term Goals? Long term goals? Why?

o  How will you ensure that you can meet those goals? What if you don’t meet those goals? What is your back-up plan?

o  What key skills such as SWOT analysis or essential classroom learnings will you apply in your future?

o  What are the key skills that you do well? What are some skills you need to improve on? How will you leverage the talents you have to ensure you succeed after college?

o  What does success mean to you? How will you take what success means to you and apply it to your career?

o  Identify some influential people in your life and think about how these people have influenced you to be better in your life as a student and your life after graduation. What learnings will you take from these people to ensure you can apply it to your life?

o  What accomplishments have made you the most proud thus far in your life? What goals/dreams/aspirations do you have for yourself after college?

Conclusion (1 Page)

Resume (1 Page)

·  Be sure to include your resume as part of your paper

·  Do not be lazy in developing your resume or any aspects of your paper. Your paper will be graded using the rubric on the following page – Lazy submissions of work will be graded according to the rubric.

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