The federal government and the American Red Cross have at least two similarities when responding to natural disasters. Both organizations answer the call of help with ample means of assistance regarding resources, food, search and rescue. According to Bea (2010), federal agencies distributed aid to victims through state, local governments and voluntary organizations, as well as clear debris (p. 12). As noted by the American Red Cross video file (2011), emergency responders delivered food in the form of snacks and meals, clean up kits, mental health counselors to support affected community members. According to Bea (2010), federal agencies performed lifesaving assistance as well as conduct search and rescue missions (p. 12). As said by Colin (2011), the American Red Cross CERT team members had a safe and well program to identify missing persons (video file). Awarding financial grants to eligible residents and determining resident eligibility represent the two differences of approach led by the federal government. The American Red Cross does not determine eligibility in affected areas and does not give financial aid as a part of the recovery response infrastructure. The insights I gained from the American Red Cross is how volunteers make a difference to residents in need. (200 words)

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