I need someone to answer blackboard question and respond to 2 of my classmates answers

this is the question

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Indicate what you believe to be a very significant event in the history of emergency management. This can be a disaster, a piece of legislation, or some other defining moment. List the impacts and outcomes of the event and defend your answer. Please choose a modern era (last 20 years) event, other than 9/11, that had an impact on emergency management.


Koenig chapter 10

Sylves chapter 3

Ciottone chapters 13, 15

APA Manual 169-192 – Introdiction to APA

you can use other resources but make sure it official resources

guide line to answer this question

1- 300 or more word

2- use ELS student writing

3- do not use advance vocabulary

4- use simple grimmer

5- after you done with writing I will send you my classmates answers and you will analysis and respond to them as a massage to them .

for example , I agree with you and say your respond or i like what you wrote and say your respond . make sure to support his answer . you can add some detail to to support his answe

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