Strategies and tactics of the Kmart/Sears Corporation

Question description

With prior topics’ discussion of the evolution of industries and core competencies as a background, you will now begin to explore a variety of tools and options related to the design of the organization, beginning with strategies and tactics, and how innovation can be applied to make an organization more competitive within an industry.

Beyond the Fluid Phase of its industry, an organization emphasizes innovation in its organizational processes and this necessitates an examination of organizational structure. In industries beyond the Fluid Phase of the Abernathy model, organizational structures are increasingly mechanistic and less conducive to change. And yet, the long-term survival of these companies is dependent upon change. Effective operation of an enterprise requires both a long-term strategic and a short-term tactical plan.

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Activity: Strategies and Tactics Paper

You will examine strategies and tactics to familiarize yourself with their purpose, function, and the role they play when organizations seek to advance by being innovative. Writing this will help you understand the selected company’s strategies and tactics and how they affect the company’s planning and operations.

Task Description

  • Continue to research the web, various publications, and any other relevant sources for information on either the Walt Disney Company’s expansion into Euro Disney or Kmart/Sears’ strategies and tactics.
  • Prepare a six- to eight-page paper.

The paper should contain three sections identified below.

Background (choose one or the other)

  • Background on either Disney’s move into Europe.
  • The history of Kmart or Sears pre-merger.


  • Defines strategies and tactics.
  • Identifies two critical actions performed that strategically and tactically had a positive effect on the company.
  • Identifies two critical actions performed that strategically and tactically had a negative effect on the company.
  • Provides support for your decisions.
  • Includes a bibliography (set of references) of the research (not included in page count).


Your personal thoughts on:

  • The importance of strategies and tactics.
  • The strategies and tactics applied by the company you researched.
  • The knowledge gained from doing this assignment.
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