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1. Speech Written Assignment: Final Outline, Description of Visuals, and References
2. From the speech written assignment, I need this, creating a PowerPoint Presentation Audio Recording Using the Narration Feature (you can provide me audio narration of each slide in word file )

The tasks associated with the presentation are an outline, reference page, and PowerPoint presentation with visual aids.

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From a task perspective, you will need to identify a topic and have it approved by your instructor. Consider how you might adapt your presentation to your audience when preparing your presentation.

Next, begin your research and consider how you will narrow your topic by creating a general goal, and then a specific goal that will meet the needs of your audience. Then establish an effective thesis statement that must be written as a complete sentence. Once you know where your speech is headed, outline the body of your speech. Then add a strong introduction and conclusion. Create visual aids that will enhance the audience’s understanding of your material or that will make your presentation more memorable. Determine how you will transition between main ideas and slides. Finally, practice and deliver your presentation.

Let’s recap what is involved in this speech project. You will need to select a topic and have it approved by your instructor. Then you will do research and create a rough draft of the speech outline for yourself. Be sure to spend enough time polishing up the final version of your outline for your speech.

Be sure to include the information you found during your research and investigation in the body of your outline, and organize it in a visually pleasing manner. Break out each main idea you will use in the body of your outline and presentation. Show some type of division like levels of headers or titles and then separate sections that are labeled and indented for the outline; state the main idea, state major subpoints in each main idea, and provide evidence for each subpoint. Cite your evidence, quotes, and statistics using APA format.

Finally, you will create a PowerPoint presentation and record your speech with the PowerPoint narration feature. Your narrated PowerPoint presentation is due by the end of Week 6.

Each student is required toobtain a headset microphone. In addition, all students should take the time to review the PowerPoint narration tutorials in the iConnect Resources under Course Home so they will be ready to complete their speech on time. Of course, if you face technical trouble, there is support available.

It will be necessary for all students to have a headset microphone to use iConnect PowerPoint narration. This will be the only additional equipment necessary to be successful in the course. Headset microphones can be purchased at any electronics or discount store for between $12–25 or even less. When purchasing a headset microphone, students should consider the ports available on the computer being used and purchase accordingly.

Assignment 1: Outline Guidelines

Outlines must be six to seven pages in length (this would be roughly one to two pages per area included in the outline), 10-point font, double spaced, including these five sections:

Title Page (title of speech, name of presenter, audience prepared for – school or institution, date): You can use this information to create your first slide in PowerPoint.

Table of Contents: Include final outline (general goal, specific goal, thesis statement sentence, introduction paragraph, full sentence outline), conclusion paragraph, description of visuals (images for PowerPoint), and APA references.

General goal, specific goal, thesis statement, introduction paragraph, body of the outline in sentence format (one to two pages)

Summary or conclusion paragraph (one to two pages)

Visuals description plan – images for the PowerPoint slides, by slide number if known (one to two pages)

Four or more authoritative, outside references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). References must be written in APA format with hanging indents, in alphabetical order, and with everything double spaced. The word references should not be formatted. Include copyrighted image resources in this list. See the APA tutorial in the Syllabus. Call a DeVry librarian for help with APA formatting. You can copy and paste this to use as the last slide in your PowerPoint.

NOTE: Do not copy and paste your table of contents, final outline, or visuals description plan into your PowerPoint slides! Your speech slides must be created as a meaningful presentation. Use a few bullets for each slide with one phrase or one sentence for each bullet. Do not put any paragraphs into the slides.

Any questions about this assignment may be discussed in the weekly Q & A Discussion topic.

Assignment 2: Speech Guidelines

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Audio Recording Using the Narration Feature

You are required to deliver a graded oral presentation for this course. You will deliver your presentation to your audience through use of the audio narration feature built into Microsoft PowerPoint. You need a microphone and computer speakers to make the recording.

Creating the PowerPoint Audio Recording

Follow these steps to create and record your PowerPoint audio presentation.

·  Open MS PowerPoint; create your PowerPoint slides and then save them.

·  Go to the Slide Show tab located in the top menu.

o  Make sure that you have your microphone correctly set up before continuing to the next step. Tip:Set the volume control as high as it can go.

·  Click on the “Record Narration” option.

·  A pop-up window will appear. The default settings in this window are sufficient so click on “OK” to continue.

o  Note: If you click on “Set Microphone Level” and get an error message, please review the microphone section under the Resources area located at the bottom of this page.

·  The PowerPoint slideshow will start automatically. Just speak into your microphone to record your audio.

o  Note: To avoid sound loss, do not talk during slide transitions. Each slide is recorded separately.

·  When you finish the presentation, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to save the slide timing: Click on “Save” to save the timing, along with your audio.

·  Remember to save your PowerPoint file as a standard .pptx file before continuing to the next step.

·  Next, save your PowerPoint again, this time as a “PowerPoint Show” (.pps) or (.ppsx) file. This is different than saving a standard PowerPoint file, because a PowerPoint Show is the output or slideshow rather than the full file.

o  Click on the Office button in the upper left-hand menu of PowerPoint.

o  Choose “Save As” –> “PowerPoint Show.”

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