Software Development Capstone Assignments

Question description

Q1. Pick one of the following topics and post to the Week 2 Discussion Board.

1.  Research mobile OS market share.  Provide historical data on market share from the different mobile OS providers.  If you were to develop a mobile app today, what market would you target?  Why?

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2.  Research the Windows and Mac app stores.  Are these profitable for companies that publish to these stores?  Why would a developer publish to one of these stores as opposed to providing a download from their website?

3.  Research and describe web browser market share and history.  Many browsers now provide the abilities for extensions and plugins.  Why would a developer provide their application to one of these browser app stores as opposed to providing a download from their own site?

Requirement : 400 Words

Deadline : 12 Hours.


Part of the business process of proceeding with developing software is performing market research.  Market research can provide guidance in many different aspects including needed/unwanted features, usability, design, and many other useful and necessary information.

In order to gain ideas and knowledge of what other players in the industry are doing, perform market research for your final project for weight tracking apps for Forever Fitness.  Research the app stores and desktop applications that are designed for users wanting to track their weight loss progress.  If possible, download multiple apps, explore and use them, and provide what you liked/disliked about the app.  Provide features used in each app and the overall usability of the app.

Submit a word document of at least 350 words describing these apps, features, usability, and any other relevant information.  Provide screen shots if possible.

Note : Hi, We are about to start a project in next week. It’s about developing a Mobile app for forever fitness company. The above assignment is related to that for performing a market research. So read the question carefully and answer the questions. Place Screenshots too.

Requirement: 350 – 400 Words

Deadline: One Day.

All Assignments will be checked for plagiarism using Safe Assign & turn it in tool. So do the best work. I will promise that will assign more works to you every week. Take Care of Grammar & Always Cite your sources & references in APA Format.


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