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“Sociology Status Essay Paper” (SSP): This Paper is the “Capstone Project” for this course. In it, you have an opportunity to display your understanding of social statuses (achieved, ascribed, and master),using sociology’s three basic perspectives. It must be three-to-four (3-4) full word-processed pages in length, in standard font, double-spaced, of black ink on standard white paper; with assigned content, appropriate spelling, grammar, paragraph structure, APA-style headings, and citations. Have your paper proof-read, and correct it before submission. 15% of Total Grade, -2% for each day late.

Required Paper Subject/Structure Format [Other styles will NOT be accepted]:

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Paragraph 1: Introduce the status: Discuss your understanding of your status: is it Achieved or Ascribed? Is it a Master-status?

Paragraph 2: Functionalist Perspective: How and why is your status functional in society? Within which social institution does it fit? How does it affect other social institutions? Is ‘success’ defined primarily from within, or outside-of, its institution? How do people in general view its functionality?

Paragraph 3: Conflict Perspective: What elements of Conflict exist for your status? What power-relationships are involved between “your” group/status and other groups and statuses? How is it ‘problematic’? For example, how do socio-economics or gender relate to who ‘sees’ your ‘problem’, and who does not?

Paragraph 4: Symbolic Perspective: Tell the how, what, and why of your status as a set of symbolic meanings in society, institutions and social groups. How did you learn it? What insider information do you have, that people outside your status don’t have? What do others with your same status report as means by which they were socialized to be ‘good’ at the status?

Paragraph 5: Concluding summary: Elaborate what you seem to have learned and how you have gained an understanding about yourself and your status within society.

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