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Imagine that you are a junior employee at a software development firm. Your boss has asked you to spearhead a research project that might result in a new product for the company.

Years ago, your company investigated a new software product for game development, but ultimately shelved the idea, because it didn’t make sense to invest in it when the company was doing well in other areas.

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But now your company is struggling, and it looks like that old proposal may become a new trend in the market. The employee who submitted it no longer works at the company, so your CEO wants you to investigate to see if it is worth reviving the old project.

You review the old proposal and come up with a list of questions that need to be answered. Some examples might include:

Why was this a good idea at the time?
What research was done initially?
What research needs to be done now?
Is the idea still relevant?

Are there any other questions that you would add?

This is not an assignment, it’s just a daily question that needs a respond of about 250 words or 300. Of how you would handle this scenario.

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