1. Download and read the Lab 4 .PDF first. This is the lab material you’ll need in order to fill out and submit the assignment via the “Answer Sheet” template.

2. Then, download and save ONE of the following Answer Sheets depending on which version of Microsoft you have:

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Use the MS Office 2011 document if you have the 2011 version of Excel.

Use the MS Office 2007 document if you have the 2007 version.

The MS Word ‘.doc’ is the answer sheet that you’ll be completing and submitting. Once you have completed the answers for the lab, save your answer sheet document on your computer as “JohnDoeLab4” (or something similar). You’ll be uploading the MS Word document here.

Make sure to complete the word document completely. In the document, you are asked to insert a diagram that you will create using MS Excel. You will create this diagram in place of actually drawing it on paper as the .pdf instructs. Please make sure to follow all the instructions on the answer sheet. Let me know if you have any questions.

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