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Question description

Purpose: The intent of this scholarly writing assignment is to help students recognize, understand, critically think, and analyze nursing theories and theories, and their significance to nursing practice, education, research, and policy/public health.

Guidelines: Each student will conduct a literature search from different databases about Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson and their theories, and provide a synthesis of the literature about the work of the two nursing theorists.

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  1. No late assignment will be accepted and no rewrites will be allowedThe paper is to be three to four (3-4) pages total (double-spaced, 12 fonts, 1-inch margins).Papers submitted longer than 4 pages (excluding references and cover sheet) will not be read.
  2. Write clearly and succinctly. Present your ideas logically. Use transitions. Include an introduction and summary. Adhere to APA style (6th edition), cover sheet, headers, pagination, references, etc. Use APA format and label each section using the evaluation outline below. Use headings below to identify sections of your paper. The rubric below will be used to evaluate your paper.
Nursing Theorist and Theories: Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson Poor Novice Competent Proficient
0 2 5 10
Knowledge of topic or subject:

  • Background:Identification of theorists including a brief background of the theorists.
  • Relevance:
  • Personal relevance of any of the theorists described connect the theorists to the theories)
  • Relevance to health care
  • Application of the theories to research and/or practice. Discuss and provide how the theories can be applied to nursing research and/or practice
  • Strength and limitation:Discuss the strengths and limitations of the theories.
Does not demonstrate knowledge of the topic/subject by addressing each question. Displays basic knowledge of subject/topic, does not expand ides or provide new ideas. Only addresses 4 of the identified bullets points completely. Presents new information, provides opportunity for further analysis, and /or suggests some practical application. Addresses 5 of the identified bullets points completely. Presents new ideas, reflects critical thinking, and/or shows practical application by thoroughly addressing all bullets points.
Criteria Poor Novice Competent Proficient 0 3 4 5

  • Provide a minimum of 5 citations from nursing literature (only two from a secondary source/text) to support your discussion in this section.
Lacks research and /or consistent argument. Lack of citations, improper citations or inappropriate use of research. Provides citations but over use of direct quotes rather than supporting original thought. Provides proper citations, applies concept from research to support discussion, and uses research as a tool not as a replacement for original thinking.

  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Cannot make sense of content due to grammar or errors. Numerous errors of structure and grammar Somewhat confusing structure, grammar, and spelling detracts from message Readable, good structure, grammar, few spelling errors.
Topical and original

  • Presentation was logically organized
Not original and does not meet assignment criteria. Just meets assignment criteria and /or lacks cohesion among ideas. Only one of the following: meets all assignment criteria or clear evidence of original thought. Meet all assignment criteria and clear evidence of original thought.
Format and Timeliness

  • Followed APA format including citation of references citing references.
  • Paper is 6- pages in length excluding title page and references list.
Does not meet length expectation and/or follow APA format. Paper is less than 3 pages excluding title page and reference list. Does not use appropriate APA formatting. Paper is between 3-4 excluding title page and reference list. Majority of the paper complies with APA format. Paper is between 3-4 pages in length excluding title page and reference list. Consistently follows APA format.
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