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To really get started in depth on the research project, you will write an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography, a common academic assignment, will advance you along in the research process and will require you to find, read, and analyze several sources. An annotated bibliography presents a list of citations for books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a descriptive and evaluative annotation, the purpose of which is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

For this assignment you must find a minimum of four acceptable sources.

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I have 1 chapter of book and 3 articles. it is about vampires.

I want the first draft today as soon as you can please. the first draft it is ok if you write just one annotate and list the work cited that will be fine.

When writing your annotated bibliography, you should follow these steps

  • you will need to write a correct MLA Works Cited entry for each source.Be sure to alphabetize your entries for the Works Cited page, but do not number your entries.
  • After you have completed the bibliographic entry, read the source and annotate it as if you were going to write a short summary of the source (because you are), picking out the thesis, important ideas, and key items.
  • Follow the standard guidelines for margins, double-spacing, font, and general format. Your title line should read: Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper. As always, you should not put your title in quotation marks or bold type, nor should you underline your title.
  • Start with your first source in alphabetical order. Type the works cited entry for the source in the proper format with all of the necessary information and then begin your annotation.
  • The first part of the annotation should be a brief summary of the source based upon the thesis, main ideas, and key terms. What is the main argument?
  • The second part of the annotation should be an assessment of the source discussing its suitability as an academic source and its applicability to your research and project. Consider the author’s purpose and reliability, including some information about who the author is and why he or she is reputable. You may wish to discuss how the source relates to some of your other sources. Is the source objective or biased? Is it useful?
  • The last part of the annotation will be your reflection on the source. Consider how it fits in with your research. How helpful is the source? How do you see it fitting in with your project? How has it informed or otherwise changed or shaped your ideas?

Be sure to follow all of the rules of grammar and punctuation that apply to formal writing just as you would with any paper. Follow the same procedure for each of your sources. You should have an annotated works cited entry for each source.

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