Robert Frost poem October English homework help

Write a 750-1,000-word essay explaining how the poem offers you ONE OF THE GIFTS of poetry. Be specific in detailing what the reward of the poem is for you and choose relevant detail from the poem.

Gifts of poetry

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Knowledge-The poet furnishes the world with fresh knowledge. Creating figures on the page that become substance themselves interpreting reality as much as reflecting it.

Clarity- Poets articulate thoughts and feelings in ways that clarify both;they hold a mirror if sorts up to the mind if not the world, and their poems reflect our deepest imaginings.

Comfort- The comfort of great poetry is redemptive. That is not to suggest that it is without pain. Its sentiments are honest even brutal, but there is peace in approaching suffering with honesty

Truth- poets are often heralded as truth-givers. Frosts poems are true in the counterintuitive way that only great fiction can be true.

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