Respond To All The Questions Below Following The Guideline And Instructions


1) In what 1 major way did Gender Stereotyping influence your development in late childhood. (3 pts)

a. Then from the areas of Similarities/Differences that do exist, select 1 finding from each (Physical, Cognitive, Socio-Emotional…1 from each area) that coincides with your development as a child (ie, what finding would your experience confirm about the similarities/differences between boys and girls in middle late childhood).

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i. Physical (5 pts)

ii. Cognitive (5 pts)

iii. Socio-emotional (5 pts)

2)  Explain the Peer Statuses. (5 pts)

a. Then, create a scenario, as if you were a teacher, parent, social worker, and you are working with a “Rejected Child.” Here you are writing a specific scenario, such as “Bill is emotionally reactive. When playing video games, he gets angry at the game and his friends when something goes wrong, to the point of yelling, throwing things, and turning it off! He’ll scream and blame his friends for things that appear accidental. Then he goes back and forth from aggressive bullying his friends into playing his way to whining and acting like a victim that his friends have hurt.”

i. Next, explain the 3 characteristics that contribute to being “Rejected” as they are shown in your scenario (in other words, how does your scenario show the problems Rejected Children have in social relationships?) (11 pts)

b. Lastly, explain a series of interventions and training that help Rejected Children use prosocial skills to make friends, join groups, and overall be more adaptive and well-adjusted. Include at least 4 major parts to your intervention. (14 pts.)

i. YOU MUST AVOID vague generalizations, such as “use coaching.” You must specify the scenario, specify what would be coached, how, etc.

ii. AVOID saying “I would tell…” Telling is not an intervention.

c. This should be written as if you are the expert…training a teacher or parent how to identify, describe, and then intervene with a Rejected Child.

d. For full points, use information from the sections Peer Status, Social Cognition, Bullying, and Connecting with Research: Perspective Taking & Moral Motivation Linked to Bullying.

3) Select a Topic from our Chapters (**choose only 1 below**). You can do this part in your head:)

a. Ch. 11. What makes Inclusive Classroom work? How do children with special needs benefit from quality inclusion?

b. Ch. 12. How might teachers use Multiple Intelligences to reach more diverse students? What are the barriers to implementing MI lessons and curricula?

c. Ch. 12. How can parents support Mastery/Growth Mindset? In what way do Helpless- and Performance-oriented mindsets undermine student success?

d. Ch. 13. What are the consequences of Insecure Attachment in Late Childhood? In what ways can teachers support the relationships and friendships of children with Insecure Attachments?

e. Ch. 13. What is Relational Aggression, how hurtful is it in the long-term, and what can be done to reduce it?

f. After you select your Topic from a-e, then research it

i. Answer the questions for your topic (the questions next to each topic above)

ii. Support and research must come from 4 sources.

1. These must be reputable, high quality sources!

2. You can learn why and how to evaluate quality web-sources here at the DCCC Library.

iii. Then cite your sources. And provide a References list. Both in APA style. More information about APA style here at DCCC Library!

g. Make this a thoughtfully prepared and presented response. You can write this as a “paper” 30 pts

i. Topic addressed. 5

ii. Quality research support to answer the questions. 16

iii. In text citations included APA style (ie, no plagiarism) 3

iv. Reference list included APA style 3

v. Proofread, Quality writing 3

4) Discuss the social/cultural and contextual influences on caregiving/parenting styles in US and around the world. (12 pts)

a. Available information (p. 297-301, 371, 373, 398) for discussion. 4 pts.

b. Use evaluative and analytical examples. 4 pts

c. Well written, proofread. 4 pts.

5) Discuss and analyze how poverty and ethnicity relate to undesirable child development outcomes.  (12 pts)

a. Available information (p. 241, 294-5, 302, 337, 357, 407-8) for discussion. 4 pts.

b. Use evaluative and analytical examples. 4 pts

c. Well written, proofread. 4 pts.

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