Each student will submit a reflective journal based on facilitating a weekly process group. This assignment should be typed and thoroughly discuss your strengths and areas of improvements while facilitating the process group. This Journal should be a Word Document of at least 5 pages


Group Evaluation:

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Final Assignment Grade: 50/50


1.             Objectives of the group. For example, group participates will learn anger management skills; learn assertiveness skills; develop body image awareness; etc.)


·         Participants will learn about Bullying.


2.           Describe the targeted participants (e.g. University undergraduates, children in Head Start, Parents going through a divorce) and why is it important that this group receive service


·         Participants are all 5th grade students and are currently interested in the topic. Students are ages 10-11.


3.           Describe the setting of the group (University Counseling Center; High School, juvenile detention center) and the resources you will need to implement the group (e.g. video, food, childcare)


·         Students are in a classroom setting.


4.           Provide a handout that outlines the above information and any other handouts that are needed to implement the group session.


·         Instructor was provided with a handout regarding the group


Summary of Group Session:


·         You all did a great job of introducing yourself


·         Great explanation of confidentiality regarding group counseling


·         Great at involving the group in the introduction and setting up group rules


·         Great job at engaging the group in the group discussion and keeping them engaged in the various activities


·         Your handout was excellent; very informative and great organization


·         Great visuals for the group to have


·         Great use of humor during the group session


·         Great job at co-facilitating the group session


·         Great choice for “Saving Sam” activity; all activities were great


·         Great information and resources regarding your topic


·         Great at allowing group members to ask questions during the group session and inviting other group members to comment as well


·         Great job at being considerate of time spent in group


·         Recommendation: When doing any kind of exercise and it involves disclosing or sharing, it might be a good idea to allow the clients to share without necessarily calling on them, especially when it comes to this topic. Some clients may not feel comfortable sharing or perhaps do not feel prepared enough to share.


·         Recommendation: When interrupting your co-facilitator, it might be a good idea to ask if its ok to interfere or interrupt before doing so, otherwise it appears that you are cutting someone off without allowing them to finish their thought process.


·         Recommendation:Just a word of caution when sharing about personal information, read the room before sharing or try to make the connection and whether language and content is appropriate.


·         Recommendation:Before turning off the lights, it might be a good idea to ask the group if it is ok and if everyone is comfortable with the lights off. Some group members may get triggered with darkness. Or, it is always ok to leave at least one light on.


·         Recommendation:The Heart Activity was amazing, its always a great way to make a point. However, it’s a good idea to have your co-facilitators make sure that the rest of the group members are ok and not going into crisis or are if they need support because they were triggered.

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