Quantitative Research Questions and Methods-Part 3

Question description

For this assessment you will craft a quantitative research question based on the hospital-acquired condition you selected for the Research Problem and Purpose Statements, as well as examine quantitative methodologies and data collection strategies that would enable you to answer your research question. There is no length requirement for this assessment. Most submissions that fully address all scoring guide criteria will be 2 to 5 pages in length.


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  • Vogt, W. P. (Ed.). (2011). SAGE quantitative research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
    • Under Volume 1: Fundamental Issues in Quantitative Research, just the section titled, “Conversations about Three Things.”
      • This essay introduces the three main questions that researchers face when attempting to develop and carry out a research project.
  • Allen, M. (Ed.). (2017). The SAGE encyclopedia of communication research methods. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
    • Use the search field ad search for “Quantitative research, purpose of.” This will take you to the following reading:
      • Burrell, N., & Gross, C. (2017). Quantitative research, purpose of.
        • Overview of quantitative research concepts. Also includes a brief discussion about the differences between quantitative and qualitative research.
    • Use the search field ad search for “Quantitative research, steps for.” This will take you to the following reading:
      • Eden, J. (2017). Quantitative research, steps for.
        • Brief overview of the primary steps in a quantitative research approach.


  • Babbie, E. R. (2017). The basics of social research (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Available from the Bookstore.
    • Chapter 5, “Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement,” pages 125–158.
      • This chapter presents strategies for working through a potential research project from idea to action to collecting the data.
    • Chapter 14, “Quantitative Data Analysis,” pages 422–446.
      • This chapter presents a number of different tools and strategies for analyzing quantitative data. It may be useful in identifying methods or data tools that could potentially help to answer the research question you develop for the Quantitative Research Questions and Methods assessment.
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