python language reflection paper

I need someone who knows Python language.

We have completed a project for rental car billing script. The professor wants us to write a reflection paper based on our mistakes we made while making the script and how did we overcome mistakes by debugging. I also need some additional comments on my script. I attached the script in word file. Just add some comments please.

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Instruction: Making mistakes when you learn to write code is common. It is part of learning. What is important is developing the skill of learning how to understand your errors and then fix them (debugging). For this part of your final project, you will respond to the following: A. Reflecting on your experience with this activity, explain the importance of knowing how and when to use and modify variables, and using branches. Support your response with examples from the activity of the types of errors and your method for fixing them.

received feedback from professor on my script: Your rough draft is off to an excellent start. You need to add any missing print statements or functionality that you feel is appropriate to complete the script and be sure to include a summary of your experiences in the final version. See the “Experiences Document” announcement that I will post to explain what to include with the final submission of this code in the coming weeks.

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