Psychology-Mental Health Counseling

This assignment BID consists of (3) different projects $20.00 each

Biopsychosocial Summary Report

If you are new to this: the biopsychosocial form is what you use during your interview, and the biopsychosocial report is your own summary of information, from the form, written for your case.

Biopsychosocial forms: Your form must contain (or you must modify it to contain) the following sections: presenting problem, history of problem, developmental/medical history, family history, educational/social history, special considerations, mental status and client’s strengths, clinical findings, diagnostic impressions, and tentative treatment recommendations. When submitting your genogram add it to your biopsychosocial form that you have already completed and submitted.

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After completing your interview, use the biopsychosocial form and write up a biopsychosocial summary report which will become a 10 page summary report. You can reference it in your PowerPoint presentation where you think it is needed to make a point. Upload the biopsychosocial form into the appendix of the summary report. Do not include a link; again, the forms must be uploaded into an appendix.


Genogram Report

Please draw or include a genogram generated from a graphic program that would best fit your case used in the Biopsychosocial. You can reference it in your PowerPoint presentation where you think it is needed to make a point. The genogram should includethree generations of relevant information. The genogram should be scanned and uploaded into the appendix of your narrative paper. Do not include a link; again, the forms must be uploaded into an appendix. Again, the genogram form does not count toward the narrative paper 10 pages.  The narrative is just the biopsychosocial you previously submitted.  


Case Study Paper

Students are required to complete a paper on a specific child and adolescent diagnosis. The purpose of this assignment is for students to develop a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan in a case report. This is exactly what you will be doing on your own one day very soon. The paper should be 10 typewritten double-spaced pages.  The body of this paper should consist of the diagnosis you gave the interviewee that is consistent with the findings in the biopsychosocial for your specific interviewee, and your tentative treatment recommendations. Discussion of diagnosis, differential diagnosis and tentative treatment recommendations will become the remaining 10 pages that complete your paper. The paper must follow APA style guidelines.

Submit this via assignment link for each respective Assignment in Blackboard.



PowerPoint Presentation

The PP presentation is directly related as a matter of fact it is the summary of each of the previous assignments put together. The PP presentation must contain 10 slides plus an appendix. Your introduction slide (very first slide) is not counted as part of the 10 slide body. At the end of the 10 slide body you will insert an appendix section which will contain the consent form(s). These documents are a fundamental part of your presentation. Upload them into your PP. Do not give me a link to either of them.  They do not count toward the 10 slide body.

The 10 slide body will contain the following:

a. Demographic Information

What are the names (first name only) ages, and birth order of all family/couple members?

· What are the occupations and education levels of all family/couple members (where appropriate)?

· What are the roles of each family/couple member?

· Who does each member spend most of his or her time with?

· Who makes decisions within the couple/family and how are they made?

b. Developmental Information

· What is the developmental stage of the couple/family at this time?

· Are there any recent significant events/losses in the couple/family?

· Are there any anticipated changes/transitions in the near future?

· How are the current goals of the couple/family, including what goals have already been met and how?

· What is the spiritual life/climate of the couple/family like?

c. General Impressions

Who did the most talking and what might account for this?

· What are the couple’s/family’s boundaries with the outside world?

· How affectionate is the couple/family?

· What are the strengths and weaknesses of the couple/family system?

· Is there any evidence of cutoffs, triangles, rituals, secrets or multigenerational effects

· Other comments/observations

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