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This is the project – I have chosen the country Norway

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This course project requires you to select a country and develop a paper about that country’s health delivery system. Your paper will include the following information:

  • Demographic information and vital health statistics about the country
  • Current health status and brief history of the current healthcare system
  • Cultural, religious, social, and political factors that affect the health system
  • Challenges of the current healthcare system and issues being faced
  • Future health projection based on resources needed to address the country’s healthcare issues
  • Comparison of the selected country and the U.S. health system.
  • Recommendations on how this country’s health system can be improvedYou are required to identify relevant issues that affect the country you’ve selected in such areas as cost, aging of the population, quality of care, access to care, and inequality in the way the healthcare is delivered (e.g., the rich vs. the poor). You should include information on how the country is addressing these issues and challenges. This paper will give you an opportunity to compare the U.S. health system with your selected country and discuss how the international community can come together in addressing healthcare issues using best practices from all over the worldI need the annoitated Bibliography and the Thesis and Outline first, I will then send what is due each week, so I am looking for someone to work with for the next 3 weeks.Let me know if you are interested and like I said just need the annotated bibliography and Thesis and Outline by the due date of August 15, 2017.The Annoitated Bibliographt and Thesis Outline instructions are listed below-The annotated bibliography for your course project is now due. The annotated bibliography should be about 1-2 pages and must contain at least five research sources.Your annotated bibliography must be in APA format. For guidelines click the following link:Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. Your initial thesis and outline for your course project paper are due this module. Your outline will be the skeleton from which you will write your project. Your outline should contain an idea for your introduction, thesis, and topic areas that make up the body of the paper. An idea for a recommendation for improvements to the country’s health system should come at the end..Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word documentThis was what I submitted for my country selection –COUNTRY SELECTIONNorway is a small Scandinavian country located in the northern part of Europe with population little over 5 million people.In Norway, there is a very good standard of mandatory national financed healthcare. Medical personnel are very well trained and healthcare in the country is to all the citizens and those who are as a registered long-term resident. Norway has both public health care system and private health care system. The private health care system is limited in Norway. The Ministry of Health is controlling the healthcare policy and it’s looking after the state system. Healthcare policy is run by five health provinces and the municipalities.I chose Norway because the health care system is committed to providing health care services for all citizens regardless of income and to the principle of equal access to services.Accordingly, the health status of Norwegians is one of the best in the world, ranking much higher than that of the United States.
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