Project Management Scholarly Paper

Question description

Scholarly Paper To prepare:

Examine a minimum of three organizations that have published descriptions about a health care information technology project.

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Analyze the reports of these organizations’ experiences with HIT project management in order to draw out insights on real-world project management. You may need to examine trade publications in addition to scholarly journals.

Consider the following questions as you analyze the articles:
o What does project management mean to the organization (group)?
o What was the contribution of project management to the organization? What challenges were encountered?
o How did project management enhance organizational work products and the effect of information technology on the users (if applicable)?
o What were the goals of the project:

What were the desired outcomes of the project?
What metrics were used to determine the ongoing success of the project?

What were the expectations or hopes for improving organizational work products?
o How was the project administered?

Was there a written project charter?
How many people/departments/organizations were involved in the project?
Summarize the project activities, schedule, and project costs, if included in the article. To complete: In a 2- to 4-page paper, address the following:
Briefly describe the health care organizations selected for use in this paper, including your rationale for selecting the organizations
Offer perspectives on the use of formal project management in health care organizations, with a focus on health care information technology projects
Synthesize insights on how project goals (outcomes, metrics of success, expectations for improving work products) and project administration (project charters, stakeholder involvement, activities, scheduling, costs, etc.) are addressed in the projects implemented in your selected health care organizations.
Compare your insights from the articles with information from project management literature about project goals and project administration. Be sure that the comparisons you make are clear to the reader.
Explain how your insights into these aspects of project management will impact your ability to successfully manage health care information technology projects.
Synthesize your findings from the literature in regards to present evidence, best practices, or standards.


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