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Comment 1

Cases of ethnic and cultural disparities have been rampant relating to the issue of preterm and low infant birth weights. This has majorly been contributed by the fact that most of the ethnic groups have little understanding of English as the primary language which is most used in the healthcare sector (Spong et al 2011). This, therefore, has made it a great challenge and a big deal when it comes to the issue of utilizing these services and their related resources, which could possibly be available at their own disposal to help and educate them on better ways of utilizing medical resources to reduce the increased case of low birth weights. Fear of utilizing these services could, therefore, serve as part of the major contribution and factor resulting to the increased rates of preterm and low weight infant deliveries.

Basically, there is always a difference between a child born under normal circumstance and another one born with certain defects. In this case, therefore, children born with low weights may grow under certain complicated conditions which may cost the family and the society at large which would maybe happen later in life. (Butler, & Behrman, (Eds.). 2007).  Additionally, such cases will as well affect a child’s performance in school and their ability to work. However, certain support groups have come in to provide help to people locally relating to such issues as premature babies, low infant birth weights among others. An example of such support groups is Minnesota preemies and which has a mission towards providing a supportive community most important to local families about premature babies whether in the NICU, heaven or at home ( This organization is of much importance as it reaches to those people who are locally placed and have less knowledge about child care and how to avoid such low preterm and low birth weight issues before they happen.

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Comment 2

A preterm a baby is a baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. According to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau a study done in 2013 preterm babies born to different races in the United States “11.54 percent of babies were born preterm. Of those baby’s 16.53 percent of babies were born to non-Hispanic black women, 10.29 percent of babies were born to non-Hispanic white women, 10.15 percent of the babies born preterm were born to Asian/Pacific islander women, and 11.58 babies born preterm were born to Hispanic women.” (Child Health USA 2013, 2013) Racial and cultural disparities in preterm are sometimes attributed to education, age, income, demographics, if the mother has access to proper care and insurance, health behaviors such as abuse, and preexisting health conditions.

It is fortunate that with modern technological advances preterm babies have a better advantage in surviving then in the past. But unfortunately, there are also risk factors that are involved of preterm birth. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention babies that are born before 32 weeks are at a higher risk of death and disabilities which include breathing problems, feeding difficulties, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, vision problems, and hearing problems.  (Reproductive Health, 2017) Extreme low birth weight babies and preterm babies pose an economical cost to the family, health care industry, and the community, as more care will cost especially if the baby needs to be at the healthcare facility for a longer period for assessment and growth. Long term disabilities and long-term care can affect the families economically and socially at home as they may need ongoing professional help and will also lead to stress and problems for the family. Families need to prepare themselves when a preterm baby is born and be ready to address and complications, disabilities, and difficulties.

Some helpful New Jersey organizations to help mothers learn of pregnancy labor and deliver which can help mothers make the right decisions about their health is March of dimes has been working with professionals and mothers to help prevent premature birth and birth defects. The group is a well know organization through out the United States and especially in New Jersey.

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