please respond to the following discussion bus 499 week 4 bus admin capstone

Discussion BUS 499 Week 4 BUS Admin Capstone

Before starting this activity, review the Week 4 LEARN (e-Activity) videos (there are several) and read Chapter 4 & 5 in the course text book. Doing this will give you the “why” to include in your response to the following:

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“Business-Level Strategy” b In a single response, respond to the following:

1) From the first e-Activity, assess your satisfaction with the company you researched

a) Make recommendations about how that company could modify its business-level strategy to both increase your overall level of satisfaction and to attract new customers.

b) Provide specific examples to support your response.

2) Analyze the five business-level strategies discussed in Chapter 4 to determine which strategy the company you researched most likely applies.

3) Determine how your experience with that company might change if it switched to one of the other four strategies (your choice). Explain your rationale.

Be sure to respond to at least one (1) other student.

Look for all possible ways to earn 100%. I will monitor the discussions and use my “gaming powers” to Award Badges and/or Revoke points as applicable. Even though this activity is auto-graded, it may take up to 3 hours to update your Blackboard grade book.


To prosper, businesses must be able to continue satisfying the customers they already have and build on those relationships while attracting new customers. This week, we will be exploring the strategies businesses use to accomplish these two goals. Remember, satisfying one goal can help to achieve the other; as they say, “word of mouth” is a powerful tool of persuasion in growing a business. We will also take a look at how businesses size up the competition and act to “one-up” their rivals to acquire more business.

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