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Comment 1

Hi Rosy, I like your post. As a healthcare provider we can always assess for signs of abuse during our initial assessment with patients. Domestic violence can be an intimate partner violence or family violence. Sometimes women who have experienced physical abuse do not ask for direct help from a nurse. There are some barriers that hold them back when asking for help like fear of their own safety, shame, embarrassment, and denial. For a healthcare provider it is very important to include an abuse assessment screen during their assessment to look for signs like multiple injuries, minor laceration, pain, and some women will look nervous and act uncomfortable in the presence of the person who abuses them.

Comment 2

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Health promotion    measures you would introduce/ physical exercise you would suggest/ Approach to gain cooperation.

High blood pressure is a term that is used to define the condition the force of the blood is very high in relations to the flow against artery walls. A routine cardiovascular activity makes up one exercising activity that can be used in treating or reducing high blood recommended at least 30 to 60 minutes daily. Further to this is the addition of the right kind of diet.Patient could

maintain a healthy weight, not smoking. Stop alcohol use. Low salt diet and high potassium diet.

High cholesterol levels, acts as a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease, which is the leading cause of heart attacks.To reduce these cholesterol levels in the blood, it is imperative to undertake regular cardiovascular activities, which helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.I would suggest patient, quit smoking, limit alcohol.get regular Physical least 30 minutes daily. Maintain healthy weight.Make healthy lifestyle changes.Check cholesterol levels regularly.

According to research done on depression cases, exercising has been the top one contributors to low depression levels, showing it acts far much better than the conventional anti-depressants. I wold suggest patient, stress management. Encourage physical activity.Lifestyle changes,encourage Healthy eating,cognitive  behavior therapy,positive psychotherapy.

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