Please Answer Based On These Answers As They Are Listed, Each One Must Be Answered In APAform And Not Less Than 250 Words

1-The key concept behind random sampling is getting an accurate representation by getting a wider variety of results. The main limitation to random sampling however is to get a spread that truly represents the entire population while also staying random. It is nearly impossible to stay random while also capturing a representation of the population as a truly random sample could just as easily have a group that all show the same result while the entire population would show another.


2-I really enjoyed reading your post. Random sampling can give researchers the most unbiased opinion of a study. Each individual that has been chosen for the study had an equal opportunity to be chosen. I really like how you described the limitations of random sampling, because the sample size can be to small and not have enough variation.

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3-Random sampling is a method of sampling that is unbiased in way that allows for any sample to be chosen. Random sampling does have its limitations though one being that of having a small sample size which can affect the study. The other limitation is having a big group that has the same interest. For example taking a college and asking who their favorite college team is the chances are most will pick their school thus not giving the best results. In order to help prevent that it is important to have a large amount of people while also having the group be unbiased in a way that allows for a great variety in their choices in order to have the best results of random sampling.

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