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1-One of the points I neglected to address in my post you brought up really well, and that is the issue with cultural disconnect. Your example with Amish families is an excellent point, because a nurse caring for a family in this situation that lacks the cultural awareness, could easily judge the patient’s family for their behavior.

Being aware and respectful of a patient and family’s cultural preferences and traditions is essential to providing that holistic care we talk about constantly, because it opens a door to furthering trust and open communication. We must always be willing to listen and understand an individual’s cultural beliefs and traditions, and be willing to hear the reasoning behind what they do. If we come off as judgmental or unwilling to listen, we could miss out on important information that could include herbal remedies the person may use or other traditional rituals.

2- I actually enjoyed this topic and reading each students view and response. I completely agree with you Monzoor especially on the topic of health care deductibles. This is crazy to hear but even ourselves as nurse fear going to the doctor for the high deductable and outrageous money we will have to pay for test we perform all day long on others. This very situation happened to me last year. I went to the doctor for a simple cause and they wanted a whole bunch of test run, which I denied and still came out  with huge medical bill for simple lab work… $900 i owed! It was outrageous. I will calm down, but as you can see I feel very strongly on this matter. I hate seeing our society robbed of their hard working money when they want to go to the doctor to make sure they are healthy. How can people be less fearful of preventative care if it is going to take a life time to pay back. I really feel we must advocate for this to change, in order to see a healthier society.

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3-The population of immigrants in the United States has continued to settle in historical gateway states and cities in the west, southwest, and northeast. But the immigrant population has also dispersed to new destinations in the Midwest and southeast (Clough, Lee, & Chae, 2013). Many of these new destinations include rural and suburban areas without established infrastructures to deliver services in languages other than English and without professional providers familiar with the culture, histories, and subsequent needs of the populations being served.

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