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1-I have never heard of sand beds but I do have experience with low air loss (LAL) mattresses. LAL mattresses continually blow out air to alternate pressure on different areas and relieve pressure or friction on bony areas from firm surfaces as if they are floating and has proven effective is preventing pressure sores. I have noticed it’s effectiveness on long-term residents who are unable to turn themselves and are in the same position for long periods of time.

The same goes for my experience with flotech cushions for wheelchairs for patients who spend much of their time sitting in them.

It is so fortunate that we have medical researchers, analysts, and engineers who strive to develop such devices to decrease the risks and complications of the medically impaired.

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2-Thinking about the ‘time out’ procedure before surgery, it is obvious that evidence-based practice is beneficial to the patients and all concerned in their care. most especially nurses. One can imagine how many law suits must have came out of cutting wrong legs or operating on wrong organs and how emotionally painful it would have been for both parties.


3-Being a school nurse is a very under-appreciated niche of the nursing profession.  I know several people who work as school nurses and they often tell me their stories.  Sometimes, they are the only healthcare that a child has, knowing that any recommendation made to the parent won’t be followed.  School nurses also track immunization records and provide statistical information to their State.  There are children out there that really rely on the school nurse, much like they rely on school lunch.  It’s really great that you are there for all of the children, giving them the best that you have to give.

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