Assignment #1: Personal Food & Activity Diary

Before you can take care of another person’s nutritional needs, you need to know your own eating patterns and dietary habits. One way to become aware of what and how much you eat is to log what you normally eat. For this assignment, complete a personal 3-day food diary using the My Fitness Pal website and/or app ( At least one of these days must be a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday). Also include any exercise you do during these 3 days in your online log. Submit your log to me using one of the methods outlined above.

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I did them and I will upload the Schedules for 3 day .

After you have finished logging your food and activity level, reflect upon the experience and answer the questions in the template for this assignment. Points will be awarded for how well you complete your diaries and answer the reflection questions – I will
not be grading you on how healthy you eat, so please be honest when completing your diary. The more honest you are, the more helpful this assignment will be for you.

There are the 3 questions:

  • What is your overall analysis of your food intake and activity level? Are you making healthy food and/or activity choices? Are there areas for improvement?
  • Describe the overall balance of your diet. Do you eat or drink anything in excess or is there anything particularly missing from your diet?
  • Provide at least 3 concrete suggestions or goals that will help you improve your diet and/or activity choices. Include rationale that explains why you should consider making these changes and a plan you will implement to make these changes.

I want answer these questions in one paragraph for each questions

fact about me my wight before the 3 day was 271 lb and after the 3 day is 267 lb

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